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CEE 6402
Fundamental Aspects of Soil Behavior. Soils are multiphase particulate materials. the unique and inherent properties of soils and associated phenomena are explored at the micro scale. Concepts are extended to the interpretation of macro scale soil behavior.

CEE 6485
Soils and Waves. Characterization of materials with mechanical and electromagnetic waves. Emphasis on particulates with extensions to other materials. Laboratory and field applications.

CEE 8000
Geotechnical Aspects in Resource Recovery. Resources and growth. Energy-related geotechnology (petroleum, coal, gas, nuclear, hydroelectric, alternatives). Mining-related geotechncnology (surface and deep mining). Conservation, environmental impact and possible geo-dependent solutions (Solid waste. CO2 sequestration. Remediation).

CEE 6462
Introduction to Discrete Signals and Inverse Problems in Civil Engineering. Civil engineering signals and systems. Discrete time and frequency domain operations. Non-linear and non-stationary systems. inverse problems. Matrix-based and other solutions. Tomography. Civil engineering examples.

CEE 6422
Experimental Methods in Research. Measurement theory. Statistics. Models. Dimensional analysis. Sensors. Peripheral electronics. Advanced testing concepts. Documentation. Data reduction. Graphs. Presentation.

CEE 8000
Creativity in Engineering. History. Cognitive aspects. Self evaluation. Theories. Hindering and stimulation. Creative process. Collective Creativity. Creativity in Engineering and Science.


CEE 4000
Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering. Introduction to engineering behavior of soils; mechanical, chemical, electrical and thermal properties; continuum design principles including theory of elasticity and limiting equilibrium applied to particulate soils.

CEE 6485
Civil Engineering Materials. The science of CEE materials: fundamental understanding of materials and processes. The technology of CEE materials: manufacture, testing, degradation, maintenance.